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Our physical meeting on the 20th April 2020 in the city of Lund has been cancelled because of the Covid-19, but instead we had a virtual one from home, on the 28th April.

People present:

  •  Necmettin (Mobilizing Expertise)
  •  Sarah (Mobilizing Expertise)
  • Serena (Sharing Europe)
  • Antonino (Youth Europe Service)
  •  Guillermo (IYDA)
  •  Nermin (IYDA)
  •  Mike (Kainotomia)
  • Diana (Geoclube)
  • Miguel (Academia Postal3)

We could discuss about the progress that has been done by each partner and to monitor what will happen next.
The partners understood that it is possible that no international meetings and training activities could take place in 2020 so it’s important to keep on the project with dissemination and local activities. In the middle of June they planned a new virtual meeting.

For that date the activity done should be at least:

  • Newsletter
  • Ebook in all languages and its dissemination
    work in progress activities should be:
  •  Website
  • Focus groups
  • Comic strip

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